List of good on-line computer parts retailers.

This is just a post for my personal benefit, documenting computer parts retailers I use, have used, and generally trust…

When I am buying PC Parts or Hardware – I generally shop around amongst these sites to find the cheapest prices for what I want and the cheapest shipping.  I trust these retailers and I’ve shopped with them all at least once – you should too!

SourceURLMy Notes
Amazon, PC parts from Amazon can sometimes be cheaper than anywhere else.
Ebuyerhttp://www.ebuyer.comPretty good prices for all round PC parts. Sometimes competitive/beating Amazon and most other sites.
Scan site. Focused around general PC usage and gaming.
I don't often buy from them now though as prices can be better elsewhere. I am meant to have life-time free delivery after registering for it at a trade show a few years back, but my last order I had to pay for. Maybe my life-time free delievery was time limited? D: to gaming / performance use. Not always the cheapest source. I've built gaming PC's using parts from Overclockers before. They also have a very active and helpful community in their Forums.
CCL Computershttps://www.cclonline.comOriginally I stopped using CCL as they only used the Amtrak courier chain (now defunct) for delivery, and had issues with Amtrak deliveries at the time. I do sometimes still find CCL beats the prices of some other sites.
Dabs.comDefunct - now part of BT GroupDabs no longer exists - but they used to be an excellent source of business-related hardware.
MicroDirectDefunct - now part of Amazon?MicroDirect used to offer competitive prices. It now seems going to their site redirects to the Amazon Electronics category.
Novatech more at performance / gaming. Not always the cheapest source of parts.
CPC / Farnell UKhttp://cpc.farnell.comMore directed at general electronics consumption. I hobby with Raspberry Pi's and often buy electronics parts from them. Also sell other electrical goods and appliances. Good community too.
RS Components UK electronics site for Raspberry Pi and general electronics needs.
Server Case more towards server PC's, retails various case types, pre-built servers and components.
Tier1http://www.tier1online.comFor laptops I typically go for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads. They're sturdy, last a long time and parts are readily available years after a model goes out of production. I can still buy parts for my early 2000's IBM T20.
Tier1 sell refurbished and B-grade machines, which are perfectly acceptable for everyday use.

… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few sites… I’ll update this list as and when I remember them.

Do you have a preferred retailer? Feel free to respond within the comments. Please keep all comments constructive. Personal recommendations are acceptable. Outright advertising spam will be removed.

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