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David Costello

David is a Software Developer and Engineer, specialising in Research & Development, with interests in various applications of computing. He graduated university as a Games Designer with a passionate interest in creating fun, interactive and social gaming. During University David created and operated a number of web-based multiplayer games that had an operational user-base of around a thousand players, that operated in similar ways to many of the social web-games found in Facebook and other social networking sites. Since graduating, David has worked in the mainstream IT industry in Research & Development, working in the social media, telecommunication, computer forensics, email solutions, and media streaming services industries, working with new technologies and developing existing systems. He is a design-minded, detail oriented software engineer passionate about combining beautiful code with design. David currently works in the PR sector on a leading mainstream PR solution that supports many big name blue-chip clients. This website is a growing repository of useful articles, tools and links related to software development and system design.






Technical Specialist / Senior Software Developer

3rd October 2011

NASDAQ OMX Dates EmployedOct 2011 – Present Employment Duration 5 yrs 10 mos LocationLondon, United Kingdom Joined NASDAQ OMX as part of the acquisition of Glide Technologies by the company….

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Software Developer

1st June 2008

Glide Technologies Ltd Dates Employed2009 – Oct 2011 Employment Duration 2 yrs LocationLondon, United Kingdom Started employment as an in-house website developer. Moved on to initially lead development on a…

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Web Developer & Support Engineer

1st November 2007

Cryoserver Dates EmployedNov 2007 – Jun 2008 Employment Duration 8 mos LocationLondon, United Kingdom In-house software developer, building a custom CRM and corporate website for the business. Management of the…

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Software Developer & Support Engineer

1st November 2006

Aurora Kendrick James Dates EmployedNov 2006 – Nov 2007 Employment Duration 1 yr 1 mo Hired as an in-house Tools Developer on the company’s Telecoms Billing Engine platform and custom…

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