David’s Links

The following websites are created and operated by David.

API.ToysA hobbyist website containing a number of useful API endpoints for small-scale software development.
XClacksOverhead.orgA small search engine website containing links to websites that broadcast the "X-Clacks-Overhead" header in tribute to someone who has passed away.
GW2Maps.comAn online mapping website and mapping tools for the Guild Wars 2 video game.

External Links

The following links are external third-party sites that may be of interest.

Hash de-duplication (External page)

Article e-Discovery de-duplication by Millnet (Page no longer available).

If you want to better understand record de-duplicaton (whether it be database record or file system), this article from Millnet is an excellent overview.

OpenGraph overview

Quick overview of OpenGraph

This is a quick crash-course in OpenGraph tags – the meta information used by Facebook and several other social networks to create previews of web content.