Internet Nostalgia: Eric Conveys An Emotion

Long ago in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, people kept themselves anonymous online and web cameras were ┬áreally, really expensive. If you wanted to do a ‘selfie’, you would have to take it on your 35mm camera and scan it into the computer, unless you sold your kidney on the black market at bought an early digital camera (that mostly likely saved a 360×480 image) direct to floppy disk, for later transfer to the PC.

One keen pioneer of the selfie was Eric, who got himself a webcam and built an incredible presence on-line by showing us all emotion.


As unusual as it may sound – this was a great form of entertainment on-line. Few people had web cameras, and Eric would invite people to nominate emotions for him to express. Slowly he built a large collection of emotive images. Getting more creative with each interpretation of the request.


Amazingly the site still exists – although Eric no longer takes requests, and it looks like the site is mainly in existence for Internet nostalgia.

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